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Let Us Be Seen and Heard: The Huffington Post 

I am excited and grateful to let you know that The Huffington Post Parents just ran my other #startasking piece for National Infertility Awareness Week! ~~~

Let Us Be Seen and Heard

I rush into the busy salon exactly on time, which I know is really considered late for most people.

“I have no idea who I am seeing today, it was kind of a last minute appointment. I’m Justine,” I say to the cute brunette.

“Me, I am Cassie. Its nice to meet you,” she says. “So you have a big speaking engagement?”

“I do! Thank you so much for fitting me in! I know it sounded ridiculous that I have a hair emergency, “ I reply back.

She is younger than my usual stylist and I am only slightly nervous about trusting her the task of covering my unfortunate gray roots. The salon is full of activity as I sit down in her chair. My usual stylist Betsy is just a few stations down.

“Hi girl! She’ll take great care of you, I promise!” Betsy says.

“Okay, so touch up the color and trim?” Cassie asks as she pulls her fingers through my long faded red hair.

“Yes, please.”

“So how many people are you speaking for and when did you find out?”

“400 and yesterday,” I reply still in shock.

“What are you speaking about?” she asks not knowing she has just launched the infertility advocate during National Infertility Awareness Week.

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