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 Petite Post: More Than Choosing It

Looking at me with the spark in her eyes that I have missed so much, she leans forward and says,

I think I have finally realized that I have to surrender and obey.

She’s right.


Every day we choose our recovery. We make the choices that are aligned with who we want to be.

Or we don’t.

Some days I muster up everything I have and white knuckle my way through these choices because I have to, my happiness (aka sanity) depend on it.

Other days I truly enjoy making these choices and don’t have to put much thought into them.

Years into this journey, along with these words from my client, I have come to realize that the choice to practice recovery, to live a life that is happy, healthy and engaged, is more about surrender and obeying.

I must surrender to the fact that only so much is in my control. And, most of all, I must obey what is required to live the life I want.

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