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We need and must make and have fun!

Do we just not ever get to have fun or joke around again, especially at places like work or with our families and friends?

Not at all! We need and must make and have fun, now more than ever!

Except when our fun is through sarcasm, teasing, or making fun of others for how they are different, even if all done in “good fun,” it isn’t funny, and it’s usually how shame shows up in and through us as we plow through or project our hard feelings onto other people.

Your “just in fun” intention has a much less likelihood of having a fun impact today. What may have been funny two years ago often may not land the same way today. Many of us simply aren’t the same people we were two years ago. And if we are, we are much wearier, stressed, and maybe even sadder or angrier versions of ourselves.

So have fun, be funny, just do it in a way that doesn’t tear others down and disconnect, do it in a kind, generous way that fosters connection.

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