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Welcome to Monarch Meadows Retreat.

For nearly ten years, Chad and I have dreamed a big dream. Over those years, I have taught and spoken in some of the biggest, fanciest ballrooms to some of the dreariest basements and everything in between, including therapists’ offices, restaurants, boardrooms, an airplane hanger, and a mansion on the rocky coast of Boston.

I’ve dreamed of a space with lots of natural light and tons of green space and nature outside. With comfortable chairs and tables in a setup that encourages and supports true connection in doing the hard courage work.

I’ve dreamed of a space that would allow true retreats where my participants have the time to explore outside, have space to write, read, and be and to learn from other practitioners who specialize in somatic work, yoga, energy, art, and movement.

I’ve dreamed of land where classes from my local schools can come to explore native plants and learn about the monarchs and swallowtail butterflies and their lifecycle.

I’ve dreamed very big.

Chad and I have explored all of St. Louis. We’ve put in multiple offers on several properties throughout the years, only to have God let us know that He had better for us.

And finally, after all these years and big dreams, yesterday we closed on twelve acres with a lake, a midcentury modern house to restore, and enough land to build the training space that I know will serve the work and heal hearts and bodies, plus enough land for all the flowers and milkweed galore to help save the pollinators.

Thank you to our realtor and friend, Jen Bell, for all her help on what has been our weirdest and most frustrating purchase process yet. Thank you also to Joe Bayer, Jr. and his team at First Integrity for all their work and help on this one.

We have a very long road ahead of us for zoning, restoration of the house, and construction of the new training space. And so I am asking you to both celebrate with us and also pray big and send all the love and light. And I am not beyond asking for any help and connections in helping us through this process. 

Look at what God is doing!

Welcome to Monarch Meadows Retreat.

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