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befriend quiet

Learning. Connection. Awe. Laughter.

All things I seek to provide and also receive from social media.

Except, lately, it feels like it doesn’t take very long at all, just minutes of consuming even that the learning, connecting, awe, and laughter begins to feel like doubt, division, fear, and sadness.

I think I am exhausted of consuming everyone’s strong opinions and offense about everything. It simply doesn’t feel good.

I think I need to befriend quiet again and let the noise go for awhile.

So I think, I need to take a bit of a break. I am a bit terrified to be honest. I use social media to stay connected and grow my business and serve my community.

To face that which terrifies us is to be brave and trust.

I am not sure exactly what this looks like. I’d like to think that I can show up and serve whether with courage work or nature wonder or dog cuteness and not get sucked into scrolling. The reality is though that this probably isn’t possible for many of us. Plus, I don’t want to post and run. That isn’t really the connection that I think this thing is capable of gifting us.

I tried deleting the apps from my phone to help me disconnect. It lasted a day – it was too difficult to do the business side of things without the apps. So now, I think I am going to rely on accountability partners, prayer, and my desire to reclaim true connection, quiet, and presence.

It feels a bit like a wilderness, so the fact that the Lent season is upon us is not lost on me.

I wonder how much we all are needing to disconnect a bit to reconnect? To step away from the noise to hear clarity again? To receive wonder in authentic presence?

I will continue to write and share in my weekly newsletter because writing is one of the ways I stay in alignment with my values every day. To have a space to write and share is walking out those my values and truly living them out. If you aren’t part of that community yet, I’d love for you to join me there. You can subscribe here.

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