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Chloë’s Story: Fertility and the Single Girl

“Chloë’s refreshing perspective is amazing.”

Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer

I’ll be honest from the outset. I’m single, with no children, and I’m 40 in June, and I accept that this current absence of love for another person affects the way I view fertility. I’ve never been married, never had a relationship that has outlasted the return to the season in which it began, I’ve never lived with a boyfriend and my last fling was four years ago.

This has been a surprise to me. I have never stayed single for too long, always stumbling around a corner into the arms of someone, usually a 70:30 blend of unsuitable and sizzling chemistry. Not always a boyfriend, but always someone.

I was also in love for a long time. Perhaps ten years. He popped his head around the corner of my life every so often, and I would smile and invite him in. Fairytale thoughts got the better of me, I…

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