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Justine’s Story: Changing the Definition of Acceptance

“My story closes the week of support with Marie.”

Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer

I am a survivor of infertility.

I am a thriver of infertility, anxiety and depression.

My recovery means making the daily choices to manage the lifelong losses of infertility and the consequences of anxiety and depression.

The acceptance of a childfull life means that I own all the parts of my story.

I wanted children. I can’t have children. I am not choosing adoption because I know it is not right for my family. But I love children and have many of them in my life. I am a mother, just not in your traditional definition of a mother. And, I practice my recovery every day which also means I advocate and break the silence in hopes of helping others define their own happy ending.

I actively work my acceptance of my life without kids but do not be confused by the…

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