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Marvel Undone

This morning I woke up to the most incredible email from one of my Marvel Undone book launch team early readers.

I’ve asked her permission to share her words with you, along with the fantastic cover my friend Rebecca Pierce created for me.

“I just finished Chapter 3…actually I read the chapter last week and wasn’t ready to wrestle with the writing so I pushed it off, but I reread and wrestled today. It was beautiful. The simple part that ‘You aren’t meant to stay small, child. Trust me, come out. Oh, the plans I have for you.’ Those were just the words I needed to hear. And those questions were so simple, yet so challenging for me. And then I did the 10 minutes of quiet and I wept. I saw a hand reaching to take hold mine pulling me up out of my stubborn own-self do it ways. And kept repeating I am chosen, I am His and I am Loved. It was profound and I am so grateful you wrote this book.”

Marvel Undone will be released on Amazon in mid-July. My tenth book to be published. I wrote her years ago at this point. She is kind of the adult version of my children’s book Pelia the Marvel.

I am excited for you all to meet her…and learn and know how loved you are.

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