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We are made for connection.

There are so many gifts of a flexible work environment and the work from home option.

And not having to deal with people is not one of them.

We are made for connection.
Simply, we need other people.
We cannot escape this inherent need as humans, and good goodness, help us if we keep trying.

Remote working does not eradicate our need for connection.
It can absolutely feel less demanding, less too much, and more straightforward in some ways.
It may also give us the ultimate gift of time back at home and with our families.
It will not, though, mean we don’t have to deal with other people.

Learning to engage, hold accountable, inspire, work together, lead, love, and connect, whether virtually or in-person, requires the skills, tools, and language of humaning well…whether from afar across screens or sitting beside and across from another.

This is courage.

The question is, do we know, have, choose, and live these skills?

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