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We must choose gratitude.

May we remember that our little, rather simple (and yet still extraordinary) three-pound brain is wired to keep us safe and comfortable. And to do that it is wired to look for lack, problem-solve the difficulty even if there isn’t a real difficulty present, and to focus on the negative.

We must not allow this wiring to deny or outweigh all of the amazingness happening for us, even though it will really fight to.

And so we must remind ourselves of the awesome.

We must have people in our lives to reflect that awesome back to us.

We must choose gratitude.

We must keep our eyes on our lane with joy.

We must walk in our values always.

We must live into our brave endings.

Today, I write this as much for me as for you, if not more, as my brain is trying to stay stuck on the rejections rather than the seriously amazing awesomeness that is happening.

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