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A Weird Spot

Thank you to Sejal at Someday Starts Today for this post. She gives a great description to the stuck-ness we can all feel or as she refers to it, the Weird Spot. Great recommendations too!”

Someday starts today…

I have three blog posts in the queue–one on food (borscht and hummus), one on local night life (including our first silent disco experience) and one on boat sitting (which I think I might be able to add to my resume after this trip)–that should come before this one if I stick to my chronological order, but I felt compelled to share this one first. (How does one fall behind when they have no schedule or nothing urgent to do baffles me, yet here I am, three blog posts behind.) Disclaimer: I am not an expert on this topic and am simply sharing my thoughts and feelings from the limited experience I have in hopes of bringing more attention to the topic.

For a long time, mental health concerns was the white elephant in the room. It wasn’t spoken about. It was something people hid. It was considered imaginary or…

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