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Justine Froelker - Mental Health Motivational Speaker

When people meet me in person for the first time, they say one of three things:

You are a lot smaller/shorter than I thought.
Is Chad with you? I want to meet him.
You are exactly like you write and appear on social and on stage.

It’s really important to me.
Really, really important to me.

So having headshots that didn’t match my natural color, texture, new bangs hair, and years of healing work has been bugging me.

My incredible photographer, whom I unusually work with, has been out for a bit, so I was so grateful when my fantastic realtor and friend Jen Bell offered pics in the park to her clients. It was so windy that day, so my expectations were low, considering these every day imperfect curls.

They turned out so good. I am so grateful.

Thank you, Gertrude, at Inspired Photography; you captured us amazingly!

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