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Connection builds trust.

I love talking to random people.
Especially when I travel.

I love starting with complimenting their clothes or hair or making a remark about our surroundings.

It’s never groundbreaking or even super-vulnerable conversations.

Just simple small talk.
Chit chat.

I never used to be one who talked to strangers.
Except now, I know the power of that simple, what used to seem meaningless, interaction.

It’s connection.
And connection builds trust.

And we need both more than we ever have.
We aren’t as alone as the world tries to make us feel, and we must rebuild trust with our fellow humans. I don’t know how any of this will get better if we don’t.

And so I look up from my phone.
Gasp, I even put it away a little.
Make eye contact, smile, and compliment.

And what happens from there is a bright spot where I hope someone feels seen.

Because seen people, love people and themselves more.

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