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Courageous Transformation

Has anyone else noticed a shift from the word pivot to transformation lately?

May we remember that many of us in times of transformation will feel all the feelings…
excitement for what is to come,
grief for what has been lost,
and uncertainty around where we belong.

And when we are in our feelings, we often live from the stories we make up, leaving a wake of hurt behind us and within us.

In order to walk into and walk out true transformation we must be willing to do the work of self-awareness to know how emotions show up for us and refuse to live from the stories we make up about ourselves and other people. Courageous transformation is to practice the skills, tools, and language of courage both in our own emotional wellbeing and in our connection to others.

Are we still needing to pivot? Yep.
Do we need transformation? Very much.
Can we do either well without the skills of courage like grace, empathy, curiosity, and self-awareness? Absolutely nope.

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