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How are you hurling lately?

It feels so hard to not react from our emotions right now,
not to take everything personally, because we are weary.

When we’re hurting and weary,
it feels easier to live from the stories we make up.

When we live from the stories we make up,
it feels easier to hurl our hurt.

When we hurl our hurt,
it feels easier because our wired-to-stay-comfortable brain
is safe and happy.

Except hurling our hurt
leaves a wake behind us and within us.

How are you hurling lately?
Yelling. Working too much.
Plowing through. Hustling. Perfectionism.
Netflix bingeing. Drinking too much. Lots of sugar.
Too much or too little sleep.
Etc. Etc. Etc.

Maybe a little of all of the above?????

Weary will do that.

Courage means:
?? ???? ??????? ??? ????.
?? ??? ??????? ????? ???? ???? ?? ?????? ????? ??? ???????? ?? ??? ??.
?? ??? ??? ?????.
?? ???? ???? ?? ?? ? ??????? ???.

Courage also means we stop picking up someone else’s hurled hurt,
holding it close, taking it personally,
and allowing it to define our day, or worse us.

Their stuff is not about us.
Our stuff is not about them.

Take nothing personally.
Own your stuff.
Get curious.
Seek to understand.
Choose courage.

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