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It is enough.

May you meet yourself with grace and love today.

Turns out that my excellent sleep and spiritual hygiene were no match for adrenaline, excitement, gratitude, and, yes, some anxious rehearsing and overthinking. Last night I could not fall asleep. My brain kept going to my keynote yesterday that I had spent hours and hours practicing. Then it would replay the incredible conversations I had after it. Then I would pray and exclaim my undone gratitude. Then I would go back and think, wait did I say that on stage or did I mess that up? Then I’d take a deep breath and pretend to be sleeping because surely that would get me to actually fall asleep, I even counted down from 100. Except then, another line from the keynote would pass through my head, and all of a sudden, I’d be minutes into the rehearsed keynote.

All this to remind us all, that sometimes despite all the self-care, self-love, and hard work on healing we’ve done, our human brains and spirits will still struggle with the overwhelm of both the fun and the not so fun of this life.

It does no good to meet it with shame, judgment, or even frustration because then it will stick and we will be stuck.

Grace-filled love helps it and us move through.
Meet yourself with grace and love. I promise it will help.
And more than that, you are worthy of the grace and love.

So today, I’m giving myself permission to struggle a bit. I’m moving a bit slower and my bedtime will be even earlier than it usually is. And it is enough.

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