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It sucks and it’s okay.

Because sometimes, maybe nearly always, the best-laid plans still won’t be quite enough.

Whether it’s an incredible pitch that isn’t received well. Or an amazing post we’ve written only to be failed by the algorithm for whatever reason. Or a brand new website that was supposed to launch eight hours ago and still isn’t up (which means no website for the time being).

Sometimes we do everything we can, all that’s in our control, and it still doesn’t go our way.

And how we respond is how we can stay in our values, not live in stress, and walk in full surrendered trust to the timing and ways of something much bigger than us.

And so, my new website didn’t launch today.

It sucks and it’s okay.

I’m exhausted and stressed and so excited.

I’ve spoken my freakout stories to my people and I’ve reality checked them to write my truth.

Because courage is refusing to live from the stories we make up and reacting from our emotions, courage is choosing to respond to our lives and know it will be okay.

I can show you my new logo though!!

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