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Ready for our more

As my husband Chad has told me, I’ve always been in the business of the not-so-easy long game.
In times of frustration, he also has told me that I can’t blame people for wanting the easy way through.

And he’s not wrong, on either front.
Except, I’ve learned over and over that the only thing that trumps our need for the easy way through
is our desire for more, whether that is more happy or more healthy… or simply, more good.

Whether it was working in traditional mental health and therapy and walking alongside people as they did the tough work of healing
or in regards to my health journey and changing the way I feed myself, move my body, and love myself
or now teaching courage to organizations, the not-so-easy long game is worth it every single time.
And eventually, I think, we will all choose it whether because we are forced to one day or because we are finally ready for our more.

And when I am honest with myself, the things I hold most true and worthwhile in my life, the many mores, haven’t come quick or easy.
And, surely I’m not alone there?

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