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The holy lives with the hard.

The last four days I spent teaching courage and much more to some of the leaders of a company I love and have had the honor of walking alongside. Today, I am home, I am exhausted, and most of all, I am beaming with pride in my mama heart at the incredibly brave, difficult, and life-changing work and progress this organization has made over the last two years.

These words came to me during one of my early morning must-move-my-body sessions in the hotel’s tiny gym. I closed our time together yesterday with them.

Hard and holy.

The holy lives with the hard.
Often the holy only is felt in and through the hard.

There is always light in the dark.
Often our light is born of the dark.

What I know for sure is when we focus on the hard, stay stuck in the dark, and hold onto the hurts, pain, and unforgiveness, we allow the hard to steal our chance and ability to relish and delight in the light-filled holy of this very short life.

Thank you, Laclede Chain, for a training there aren’t powerful enough words to describe the bravery and healing in that room. And thank you for the honor of being part of this amazing family.

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