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The Permission and The Power of The And

I’ve read a lot that you can’t feel fear and gratitude at the same time, both from brain studies and psychology studies and many, many coaches.

And I just don’t think there will ever be a study or a virally famous influencer that will ever convince me that this is true.

In my bones, as much as I freaking annoys me, I know that it is in The And where the good stuff of this life is and how we honor it all.

And based on how many messages I get every week, on how helpful this lesson of The Permission and The Power of The And, I think we are yearning for this uncomfortable and holy place.

Feeling more than one emotion at the same time is super uncomfortable. Our brains don’t like it because they like safety.

And yet, so much of this life is in the space that exists between two opposing emotions.

grief and joy

afraid and excitement

known and unknown

anger and care

love and anxiety

sorrow and trust

fear and gratitude

It’s complicated. It’s messy. It’s hard.

It’s also beautiful, holy, and loving.

So today, when the world is demanding that you pick a side (like there is ever just two sides to something) or one single feeling, perhaps you can take a breath, lean in, and walk into the muck and the mess that is the messy middle of The And.

I believe it is there you can meet your whole self with love and therefore meet others too.

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