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the seeds you plant will often take root.

For someone who is naturally pretty impatient, I’ve been in the field of “trust the seeds you are planting” for a very long time. I usually remind Chad that my patience was all used up when I spent a year in a body cast in high school. Turns out, finally, at 43, my level of patience is much deeper than I thought, and all that I needed to learn to lean into that patience was surrender and trust.

When I was in private practice as a therapist, I had to learn quickly to trust that even if change didn’t happen very quickly with my clients, I could trust it would happen one day, even if I wasn’t around to see it. Getting messages from former clients thanking me for that thing I taught them some ten years ago and how much it has helped them is something I am so grateful for.

Confirmation that the seeds you plant will often take root.

Today, that patience lesson is further rooted in my life when I learn that the keynote I just booked came because someone sent them my TEDx talk over two years ago. Or that they trained with me three years ago and are now in an organization that is ready to do the work with me.

Confirmation that the seeds you plant will often take root.

And I guess it makes me pause and do the work to make sure that every word, thought, interaction, and connection that comes from me is a seed that I’d be proud for it to take deep root and grow.

Deep thoughts this Thursday morning from a very grateful human.

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