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You are worthy of, deserve, and need the pause and celebration

Today I’m taking a day to pause and celebrate.

I’ve made it halfway through a very demanding (and amazing) stretch of engagements, and I’ve had some incredible business accomplishments come to be, so I scheduled a day of pause and celebrate.

When was the last time you paused, even just a bit, to show up, follow through, and fill yourself up?

When was the last time you celebrated yourself, where you’ve come from, where you are, and connected with the people who have helped along the way?

And just in case you need some ideas of how to pause and celebrate, here are my plans for today:

Puppy cuddles

A walk

Stake up my tomatoes

Plant marigolds and sugar snap peas

Refill milkweed for my monarch caterpillars

Look for new monarch and swallowtail eggs

Check on and take pictures of my wildflowers

Sit in the sun


Go to the library to pick up a few novels


Finish a piece of writing I’m working on

Catch up with my friends in Marco Polo

Show Chad pictures from my trip

Look at properties Chad has found online

A fancy dinner tonight with Chad to relish and dream together

You are worthy of, deserve, and need the pause and celebration; schedule it if you have to.

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