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You are worthy

You are worthy.
And enough.

Not because of what you produce, or do, or earn.
Not because of your title or earnings.
Not because of the numbers of followers, likes, or sales.

You are simply worthy.
Just and always enough.

You can’t run from it or escape it.
Just like you can’t run from or escape the feeling (the lie) that you aren’t enough.

You can’t hustle, fill, deny, plow through, run from, numb, medicate, schedule, perform, or perfect away that lie of not enoughness.

Eventually, you must learn to sit with yourself.
To be.
To rest.
To love.
To know.
To lean into and receive the worth that has always been there.
The enoughness that you have always mattered and always will matter.
And that you are loved more than you can imagine.

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