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A Courage Teach (grab your headphones and maybe tissues)

It’s been awhile since I did a courage teach. I wrote this out and “practiced” it over a few days, it’s too important of a message to screw up. And it came out here, in a very imperfect way and I think it’s pretty obvious it’s not all me. Make sure to read this caption before you press play please.

A courage teach about how change really happens and how not to be defined by what others think.
Cliff notes: it’s in relationship, not in cheap feedback.
I’m asking for nearly nine minutes of your day. I know it’s a big ask, most especially with just how tired you may be feeling.
And I hope and think you’ll find these nine minutes helpful and most of all you will feel seen and a bit more courageous after them.
Grab those headphones if you have little ears around. The inspiration for this teach was someone’s disappointment in me for cursing, and I don’t fudge around with it here.?
And if you have a desperate need to remember how loved you are and are short on time, go ahead and skip to 6 mins in. My friend, the one who is in the arena with me, the one I ask for feedback, said this about that 90 seconds: “6:00 minute mark message ?????? it’s holy.”
Thank you, Rebecca Pierce, for always being a courageous warrior getting your butt kicked in the arena with me. Thank you for always helping me get back up too.
Thank you for being here friends, thank you for letting me be all of me, and most of all, thank you for the honor of teaching you a little bit.?

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