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Fill up to give.

After many weeks of my prep, rest, and refill season that included lots of calls, designing new workshops, tons of emails, learning to crochet, many books consumed, puppy cuddles, body work and healing, fun, and rest, I am back full swing this week with four in-person engagements!

Which also means there are a lot of boundaries in place.

Because you can’t give what you don’t have.

Fill up to give.

Give yourself grace and love.

Take care of yourself to take care and love others well.

For me, that means very little talking in the afternoons and evenings, very early bedtimes for early morning alarms, clean food, lots of movement, stretching, and therapies, spiritual hygiene, and mindful presence.

How are you filling yourself up this week so you can show up, serve, and love well?

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