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Keep going

When you choose to show up fully, step into true vulnerability, and allow yourself to be seen, you create the space for others to lean in, grab their brave, and show you who they are.

These moments of connection will keep you going.

And I get to collect them.

On weeks that my schedule is demanding, with a 4:30 am alarm four days in a row (because I show up and follow through for myself well first), where the world feels extra messy (because I think it always will from here on out), and where my body feels extra pain (because of weather or lots of speaking or other fun out of my control body stuff), I collect lots of moments of connection.

Because it’s how I keep going.

And this week was full of them, thanks to the Vistage Worldwide, Inc. groups of Allen Hauge at the amazing Conflux Co-Learning space (I love me some restored history).

Whether it is the CFO who needed to hear about my husband’s courage to walk away or a board member asking me if I have done work with __________ org because she wants me to know they are totally walking it out or getting the feedback on how much my personal stories help to understand the work or how a CEO leans back into the humanity of the work or the confirmation of just how meaningful this work is and my giftedness in teaching it.

Thank you, Allen, for your trust in me to pour into your members this week. I am so grateful for the opportunities, connections, and courage.

Lean in, show yourself, and open up the space for someone to show you them. Go and collect moments of connection. I promise it will help you keep going.

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