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living boundaried

One of the things that I get a lot of feedback on is how boundaried I am and how clear I am about those boundaries.

I know my bandwidth, limits, talents, gifts, time, needs, and wants well.
I know how short life is and how I want to spend my time.
I know that I cannot give what I do not have.
I know that if it isn’t a hell yes, it is a freaking no.
I know that I cannot please, accommodate, or help everyone, and it definitely sure isn’t my job to save anyone.

And so, I live very boundaried. 
I clearly state those boundaries. 
I sit with, cope, and move through the discomfort that comes up for me when I disappoint or even hurt someone by living boundaried. 
Most of all, I am able to love deeper, harder, and more because there is much more space created through my clear, boundaried life.

And good goodness, couldn’t we all use a love that is deeper, harder, and more right now?

I suppose it surprises a lot of people when you clearly state your boundaries and then also stick by those boundaries.

I also hope that it inspires them to give themselves permission to set boundaries for themselves because it is then that you will find the space to love more and deeper.

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