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See you next year

As another wild, difficult, and holy beautiful year comes to a close, it’s time to pause and reflect before going dark for a bit.

A year of business growth for me in many ways, most of all in reach, impact, working with new organizations, and especially creating true, authentic connections and relationships.

My ninth book was published, my first with a big publishing house. More importantly, a book that seems to be really helping a lot of families.

Going back to therapy because healing is a choice and one that we all deserve.

Continued healing in my health in all the weird ways and reembodying this incredible body of mine.

A new rescue puppy that brings so many people joy.

I am sure there is so much more.

I suppose what sticks out the most is the continued clarity and honesty that has only come through pain and suffering that has created this life, work, and relationships that I love.

And with that, I have a list of movies to watch, a pile of books to read, a blanket to crochet, deep breaths to take, dances to dance, yummy meals to enjoy, people to laugh with and love, puppies to cuddle and laugh at, and a life to be present to without documenting it to create content.

Thank you for being here.

May your holidays be filled with rest, fun, and overwhelming joy.

See you next year.

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