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To show the way to love and lead well…

I know it is uncomfortable.
I know it may not be the way of our past.

And it is through this discomfort that we get through the dark together and write out our own future.

People are sicker than they’ve ever been.
They are puffing up, raging, hiding, plowing through, numbing out, and disappearing more than ever.
They, in many ways, are barely surviving.

And it’s leaving a wake of hurt behind them and within them;

They spend more time awake at work with you than they do with the people they live with and love the most.

To create the space and provide the training where they can learn how to lean into their emotions, name them correctly, cope with them in a healthy way, and allow them to move through…

To create the space where they are courageous enough to choose curiosity and care for themselves and others…

To challenge the old thinking that this work is soft or self-indulgent or frivolous or selfish or too much…

To show the way to love and lead well…

Is to create a thriving culture in a time when it is profoundly difficult to be human.

It is to create a culture where we walk one another through the dark, into the light, and home.

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