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Love. Connection. Grace.

Quote from Justine Froelker - Keynote Mental Health Speaker

For as much as a constant change is in our lives, it seems like it is the thing we also struggle with the most a lot of the time.

What’s it take for true change to happen?
For us to get out of our own way?
To choose differently, a little better?
And to choose that change again and again?

Love. Connection. Grace.

When I first got sick, I did everything in my power to fix it.
To fix me.

And things changed.
A little.
Not for long, though.

Because all the shaming, frustration, and damning to fix myself only made me sicker.

We aren’t broken.
We don’t need to be fixed.

We need to know how loved we are.
We need connection.
And we need tons of grace.

Change and healing will never take place in disconnection.
They only happen in connection.

Connection to ourselves, to others, and for me, to something bigger than us.

It wasn’t the frameworks, to-do lists, mindset, protocols, or magic solutions that got me to a place of true change and therefore healing.

It was love.
Love of myself and all others.

It was connection.
Connection to myself and others.

It was grace.
Grace toward myself and all others.

Change is hard and worth it.
Change is a bit simpler when we navigate it with love.

What change do you need or want?
What is in your way?
How can you meet yourself with love to move through it and receive the healing you deserve?

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