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What will it take?

As I am working with many organizations to plan their 2023 people and leader trainings, I am getting some version of the same sentence in my inbox over and over.

?’?? ???? ????? ??? ???? ?????? ??? ??? ??????/?????????? ???????? ?? ???? ????.

And I get it.
I appreciate that many organizations are dealing with tight budgets.
I often work within those tight budgets.

??? ? ???? ??? ?? ???? ????.

The world is forever different.
Your business probably is too.
People are forever changed.
Your people needs simply need to be invested in.
Find the resources, move the money around, take care of your people.

The pain points of your people are searing at this point.
The need to know how to navigate tough conversations, meet people with empathy while holding them accountable, and how to take care of ourselves by practicing true resilience is palpable.
The yearning to feel cared for and seen, especially at work where they have most likely helped you survive these last few years, is your opportunity to create a true culture of belonging.

More and more, I am hearing from managers, especially, how most of their time is spent supporting their people through mental health crises, family and health concerns, and dealing with levels of stress, burnout, too high of a workload, and trauma, and therefore mistakes being made. 

Our people issues aren’t worse.
They simply have been revealed by years of trauma and neglect.

At what point will organizations invest in their people? Losing good talent over and over and over? Does it take someone losing their shit on a team member and doing irreparable damage to relationships? Or worse, someone coming to work with a gun? Or someone losing their life to a mental health crisis?

What will it take?

And if you are going to use the excuse of budget to not pour into your people, I challenge you to take the time to really look at how much stress, trauma, and drama are costing you.

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