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Wheels up!

My last trip for a whole three weeks after nine weeks of a very demanding speaking and travel schedule.

Things I’ve learned:

Good bags are worth the investment.

Stretching before you board is also worth it, no matter the weird looks you get from everyone.

Getting two of everything is important, as I board without my computer power cord this morning…just as I was finally confident and thinking I had everything.

Deleting pics and videos on your phone to clear space is an excellent use of time on your flight, especially when you’re a stubborn android person.

Downloading shows for when you’re exhausted on the way home helps pass the time.

The airport is the best and hardest place to practice grace, be kind, and make tiny connections by smiling, complimenting, saying please and thank you a lot, and looking up from your devices. People are stressed and tired. Help them to feel seen by actually seeing them. Not everyone is as well versed in traveling as you, be patient and extend grace.

Deep breaths, movement, and prayer help, too, with the above, especially.

Here I come, New Jersey, wheels up!

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