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Will I keep believing that people are doing their best?

It never fails. The days I teach the ‘are people doing their best?’ lesson, the foundation of oozing grace that I live from is challenged.

This morning I got to teach curiosity, rebuilding trust, and reconciliation through boundaries and generosity to my friends at Anders CPAs + Advisors. And as usual, we have great conversations.

Then I came home to a husband that missed much-needed in-person meetings to be present for our contractors who no-showed on the job. To say that this last big construction projection on our mid-century modern restoration has not gone the way we hoped, expected, or even close to well is an understatement.

Will I keep believing that people are doing their best?
Will I really keep teaching this lesson to my community and audiences?


And dang, if sometimes, someone’s best just isn’t even close to being good enough for me.

Courage work.

And, so we have tough conversations.
We ask for what we want and need.
We set boundaries.
And we rumble with what it brings up for us and if needed, go find what we need from somewhere or someone else.

So…. anyone have a concrete company they recommend in St. Louis who will come salvage the mess and a halfway done front walk and back patio that has been left behind? Because you would make three little dogs very happy if so.

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