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People first.

Things I have been hearing lately on discovery calls with clients:

Our gossip is out of control.

We have never seen this level of burnout or mistrust before.

People are so disconnected.

The energy we are spending on mental health and people issues is more than ever before.

It feels like the fakeness, toxic positivity, hustle, and lack of vulnerability are being rewarded.

There are so many feelings, like soooooooo many feelings, and we still have a job to do.

And then, we discuss all the ways the work I teach can help. All the ways I can bring the work in. All the ways I can meet people where they are while also walking alongside, teaching them skills, tools, and language of courage to move them to where they need to be. All the ways to help them feel seen, poured into, and yes, loved.

Because seen and loved people work harder, they make fewer mistakes, they learn and grow, the create and innovate, and you keep good talent.

And then, they are excited.

And dare I say, hopeful.

And then, they email me back to tell me their budget has been severely cut.

Sometimes, even cut to nothing.

I know times are hard.

I understand budget cuts.

I sometimes work within those limited budgets.

And what I know even more is that unless you begin pouring into your people, providing them with the training and resources to human well, you will not have a happy, healthy, or courageous team.

They will be disengaged.

They will make mistakes.

They will go somewhere else.

And all of that hurts your budget even more.

People first.

To turn toward one another in courage and to get through these tough times together.

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