Justine is gifted in teaching her courageous resilience work to audiences who are ready to learn how to create real and sustainable change in their teams and cultures.


Everyone can have a courageous life and business by learning the skills, tools, and language it takes to truly thrive.


Justine travels nationally and presents virtually worldwide leaving her audiences feeling seen and inspired to make real change in their lives at home and at work.


Justine can design a program to both meet your team where they are and make them just uncomfortable enough to move where they need to go.

Dare to Lead™

Whether you are a ministry, nonprofit, or corporation, the Dare to Lead™ work with Justine will help your team learn, create, innovate, and ultimately grow.


Further your learning and accelerate results by partnering with Justine for ongoing courage work and support beyond training to create lasting culture change.

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Justine Froelker

Author, Speaker, and Corporate Trainer of Courage

Full of grit and grace, Justine Froelker uses her fiery passion, her story, and the occasional curse word to empower others to show up as their whole selves in their life and work.

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    Years of Experience

    Justine has over twenty years of experience in mental health and personal development.

    20 Plus
    Of Lives Changed

    From small trainings to large audiences, the ripple effects of working with Justine reach far and wide.

    Of Companies Served

    From giants like Boeing and Square to small, local businesses, Justine meets each client where they are.

    Published Works

    Justine is the author of many best-selling books and has been featured in many publications and podcasts.


    Published Works.

    Looking to dive deeper into reading and resources? Check out Justine's published works for even more stories, learning, and courage.

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      Tim Riley
      President and CEO, Laclede Chain Manufacturing

      Words do not do justice to the impact Justine's training has had on us as individuals, leaders, and our organization. Brené Brown’s material is exactly what we need to take our team’s leadership to the next level and Justine was the perfect facilitator/guide on the journey.

      Ryan McCrea
      Manager of Talent Development, Commerce Bank

      Justine is one of the brave people helping leaders think differently and strive to build genuine connections with their teams. For the past few years, Justine has been a staple in our leadership development programs at Commerce Bank.

      Jeff Lefton
      Vice President, Psychological Associates

      In my opinion, this is one of, if not the best, programs I’ve seen since I’ve been involved with St. Louis Organization Development Network. Justine’s combination of knowledge from being a therapist coupled with the Brené Brown content is a very powerful combination!

      Lori Maher McCombs
      Owner, Maher Group

      Justine’s presentations are suited for any audience, and in particular, will help leaders build a stronger, more resilient culture. As a convention planner, I would highly recommend any of Justine’s presentations. She is a true joy to work with!

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