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Clear is kind.

If I am annoyed with my husband Chad by something he is not doing… and I am not asking for it… and then I hold onto that annoyance for three days until it spills out in an outburst at the slightest frustration or comment, that is all on me.

I didn’t communicate clearly in the moment what I wanted and needed.
I chose to hold onto it for days, allowing it to fester.
When it finally spills over in an outburst, it is three days later and too late for him to actually meet my want and needs.

How often is this happening at work for you?
How often does not speaking up in the moment only lead you to feel pissed off and resentful?

This probably also means you are taking that yuck home with you, and it is affecting how you show up and love on your people there.

Ask for what you want and need.
Ask in the moment.
Clear is kind.
Resentment is poison, it’s also preventable.


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