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It is worth it.

The life of business travel isn’t usually very glamorous, such as this morning when I was notified that my early morning flight was canceled due to weather that doesn’t seem to be affecting any other flights.

So with little help from United, I am rebooked on Southwest on a much later flight, now with a stop, and that is all before I make a three-hour drive to my next speaking engagement.

In other news, I have used these morning hours for emails, follow-ups, and to respond to comments on what has turned out to be a slight viral video on Instagram and Tiktok.

Not once have I wondered, is it worth it.
Canceled flights, hotel beds, and time away from my little family.

It is worth it.

Worth it in the hug I received after yesterday’s keynote from a woman who just took the risk to go out on her own and how much my keynote provided her with confirmation.

Worth it in the many firm handshakes and thank yous and wholehearted smiles.

Worth it in the conversation with the man who wanted some help with responding to his not super kind confronting boss.

Worth it in the woman who said with her whole being, I needed to hear that and now I am going to go live it.

Worth it in the ripples that reach far beyond what I will ever get to see here.

I miss my husband, my dogs, my pillow, and I am tired.
And I am honored, undone, and beyond grateful to get to teach this work to the many groups, organizations, and people who trust me to pour into them.

Thank you, Lori Maher McCombs for always believing in me and trusting me enough to teach and pour into your audiences. I am so grateful, and loved seeing you.

Next up, Gering, Nebraska for the Western Nebraska Human Resource Management Association Conference. God willing, I will get there!!!


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