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Failure isn’t a feeling.

One of the biggest lies I have to fight is that I’m a failure.
And one of the ways I fight it is to remember that failure isn’t even a feeling.


Those are feelings.

When I name them,
cope with them,
and allow them to move through,
they don’t own my whole story, and I write my ending.

I didn’t fail at the infertility journey because I ended it without kids.
In many ways, the infertility journey failed me.

I’m not a failed mother.
I am a mother to many in my way.

I’m not failing at my faith because I’m questioning the Church
and asking for its people to be kinder, grace-filled,
and to do the work.
In many ways, the Church is failing me…and many others.

I’m not a failed Christian.
I am a believer who puts love and grace above all.

I’m not failing at social media
because I refuse to compartmentalize myself
and only share what I know will be liked and followed.
In many ways, social medial is failing us.

I’m not a failed influencer.
I am a teacher modeling wholehearted,
courageous living and the work to be of service
no matter the likes and follows.

Honestly, there are many things the world tells me I’m failing at,
these are just the big three I can think of this Saturday morning.

I reject the failure and reclaim my story.

What “failure” do you need to reclaim today?


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