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Avoidance or Progress?

I’ve been told to start a blog but have always found myself completely intimidated by it.  But what’s the worst that could happen?  No one ever reads it?  Or worse yet they read it and hate it?  I think I’ll make the jump, because it’s been advised and because this is how I’m choosing to live my life, being brave enough to show up. However, I must be honest….  Am I starting the blog because I’m feeling stuck in the book writing process and overwhelmed or am I starting the blog because I know it’s one of the ways to get my story out there and make it more credible?  Not sure the intention behind starting it tonight matters much.

I am working on my first book, but historically I wouldn’t call myself a writer…

I have one hell of a story to tell and I’m a great storyteller but, admittedly, I’m still figuring out how to channel that into writing.  So I’m going to start here, not from the beginning but from now.  I will write about the themes I am seeing in my private practice each week, because they also inevitably influence my own personal life and recovery.  I will write about what I’m experiencing in the book writing process.  I will write about my journey of figuring out how to be okay, despite my past heartaches and losses and the continued reminder that no I’m not a mother (at least to human children) but I do still matter.  I will write about the shame and secrecy IVF  strangles people with.

Ultimately, I will write about my triumph over just proving that I’m okay into the full embrace of owning it.


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