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Laurel’s Story

“I can identify so much with some of Laurel’s story. So amazing!”

Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer

They say that having cancer changes you. Not just in the obvious visible ways—but fundamentally, as a person and on the deepest of levels. Since my initial breast cancer diagnosis in 2010 I’ve probably been transformed in a thousand ways but none greater than in my relationship with my dreams and the downright rabid determination I now have for making them come true.


Long before I had cancer, like most people, I had a bucket list. “Go to Burning Man”, “hitch a ride in a private jet”, “visit the Louvre”— the list was as long as my arm and I was lazily complacent about handling it. Because there was time. Plenty of time . . .Today, I don’t mess around with wasting time. And my bucket list? It’s done.

As it happened, the “have a baby” line item on this infamous list ended up being a real stickler. Turning this…

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