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To be seen, heard, know, loved, accepted, and free.

One of the big pain points, and one of my favorite courageous conversations, in so many of my calls and my workshops lately is the discussion around leading and working with different generations.

It brings me back again and again to how much we have lost the ability to stay curious about one another.

Because here’s the thing – the generation that you are judging or struggling to understand or are frustrated with is an age that you will be one day or once were. Sure, there are many things that may be very different among us, and at the end of the day, we’re all human with the same basic need, whether at home or at work….

To be seen, heard, know, loved, accepted, and free.

Sit beside one another, lean in with curiosity, and ask one another… What makes you feel seen, heard, and known? What makes you feel like you matter? What do you need and want from your work? How can we support one another to get there?

Stay curious.
Seek to understand.
Walk one another through and home.

Need someone to walk alongside your team and facilitate this conversation? Reach out – Leading Different Generations Courageously is now an available workshop with me!


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