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Because She is Mom 

Please join me, along with founder Sarah Philpott of

All-American Mom

, this coming Mother’s Day to #honorallmoms. I am thankful to HuffPost Parents for once again being supportive of my work and my mission.


Because She is the Mother of All Mothers

She can hear the giggles from down the hall.

She already knows what is coming as it has become a bit of a tradition since she they were old enough to walk.

Her three children will stumble through her bedroom doors full of smiles and unable to contain their giggles. Her oldest will be holding the tray of scrambled eggs, burnt toast and fruit their dad helped them to prepare. Her middle child will be holding the cards they drew at school this week for her. And her youngest will be holding dew covered flowers they picked from her own garden first thing this morning.

“I tried to contain them as long as I could,” her husband says apologetically.

“I wouldn’t trade this early wake up call for anything,” she replies through a yawn she allows only him to see.

Six years ago she only dreamed of this day. In the midst of infertility treatments and having lost two babies before she finally held her first son in her arms, Mother’s Day was a day she dreaded with everything of her heart, soul and being.

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