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Birthing A New Self 

I am still in shock to have an original piece be run over at The Good Mother Project. I am so thankful to them for taking a chance and giving this non-traditional mother a place to shine her light. I hope I did us proud.


Birthing My Best Self

I tried very hard to be a mother in the traditional sense, and yet it was not my dream to have.

And still, I parent every single day. I make sure to, otherwise I fear I would be swallowed whole by my losses.

Finding other ways to parent, when traditional parenthood has not worked out for you, means birthing a new perspective; birthing a new self.

This is my daily work in recovery and in finding my ever upward.

For those of us who have had to make the impossible choice to end our pursuit of motherhood, birthing a new self is imperative to surviving the journey. We have had to make the impossible choice to preserve our finances, our relationships and ourselves. We have had to choose to let go of a dream.


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