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I am reminded how worthwhile and holy this work is.

In every room I have the honor of walking into to teach the Dare to Lead™ work, I am very aware of all that is present in the room.

I see it in their bodies and eyes, I hear it in the remarks, and I feel it through them and in my body and heart.

The doubts and frustrations of this work, of current difficulties in our work cultures and this world, and even of me.

Every single emotion possible – all the fear, apathy, anger, resentment, hope, sometimes the hope against all hope, excitement, and anxiety.

Everyone’s very messy, complicated stories full of big T Traumas and little t traumas and all the things they have going on in their daily lives.

All this on top of managing time, content, engagement, everything else that comes up in the room, and my own emotions, especially my own body and pain.

It is extremely difficult work.

And every time, most especially after a full training, I am reminded how worthwhile and holy this work is.

To see someone finally give themselves permission to heal.
To watch as someone’s body relaxes into self-compassion and love.
To hear how they speak about themselves with more love.
To witness a team cheering one another, even in the most difficult of conversations.
To, most of all, feel and see the power of people who have chosen to lean in and do this work with me to come back to themselves and one another…to finally live as loved as they are.


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