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Kickstarter for Ever Upward Book Trailer 

I am scared to death to even ask for help. But, I am even more scared that it won’t work.

So, I am going to practice my bravery and put it all out there anyway.


After incurring the costs, emotionally and financially (especially financially in this case) of IVF and getting this book published, we just don’t have it in the budget to do an amazing book trailer that Ever Upward deserves. So I am asking for help (and there are rewards for those of you who help)!

Please check out my Kickstarter campaign for the Ever Upward Book Trailer.

A book trailer helps spread the word and build a platform better and faster because people are more likely to click and watch a video. And, it introduces the world to the subject, the book and most importantly to the author…me.

Even if you can’t financially contribute right now, I’d really appreciate any support you can send my way in the form of prayers and positive thoughts but, most definitely in shares, reblogs, tweets, etc.!!!

Building the platform of Ever Upward has been one of the hardest parts of this journey and often times is feels pretty lonely and like I will never catch the big break. But, I am balancing that with doing what I can and trusting that it is enough with letting go to know Ever Upward will work, will produce change and will help.

Thank you for the love, the support, the friendships…the everything.



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