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Penned Musing: Flight of Feathers 

She looks around and sees the speckles of blood littering the sidewalk with bright red splashes, almost as if firecrackers bright in the night sky. The white feathers float all around.

The mother in her looks frantically around tuning her ears to hear a distressed bird to only hear silence.

The feathers are everywhere but nothing else.

I guess that is good, she thinks to herself, she must have been okay enough to fly away.

She is only left to wonder and be in awe of those feathers.

What do they mean as they float around one of her favorite places in all the earth? They’re scattered around her light and love filled butterfly garden. The place she seeks and feels God. The place she quiets her mind and fills her soul.

Those feathers, some fluffy white and others big and bold in color, like mere wisps in the wind; a reminder that many things are never meant to be caught.

Again, the constant lesson of letting go in her life.


*Penned Musings are posts based off of my daily writing prompts. You can read more here.


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