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Petite Post: The Empty Well 

Sometimes our loved ones do not have what we need, or perhaps, what we deserve. Our work is in accepting their limitations, loving them anyways and setting boundaries if need be.

My version of Johanna Basford's Secret Garden adult coloring book.
My version of Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden adult coloring book.

Stop going to an empty well expecting there to be water.

But, also do not be the person who stops going to the well completely, because people can change, grow and surprise us.

Instead, go to the well to enjoy the sun, the beautiful flowers and the peace you can find in yourself and in your acceptance.

And, if there is water one day, if your loved one can give you what you want, need and deserve, you can be pleasantly surprised.

*An updated excerpt from Chapter 5 of Ever Upward.


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