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Speak the Light

No matter your thoughts on the causes or the fixes…

Or what you’ve posted…

Or how tired of the same conversation you may be…

Or how numb you may feel…

Or how overwhelmed with anguish…

Or how much there is to do…

There is a whole lot of pain and trauma in the world right now.

Have you checked in and acknowledged the hard with your team?

Remember, it’s okay to have a bit of a script, especially in times that feel like too much.

For example:
“I can imagine that these last few weeks may feel very difficult, and I’d like to check in to see how everyone is doing. For me, …(then you finish that sentence with your truthful vulnerability).”

Pain and trauma, when not spoken, only continue to grow in the dark, preventing our healing.

And we have too much dark right now.

The unspoken is never benign.
Speak the light.


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