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grace and trust

Tomorrow night my friend and I are hosting a Meet the Author and Book Signing.

I have low expectations for turnout.

And this isn’t because I am being negative.

This is because I’ve learned, mostly the hard way, that it is my too high expectations that too often leave me feeling disappointed and frustrated. Especially the expectations I have never admitted, spoken, set, or asked for out loud. 

It’s also because when you’ve battled for your health and done the hard ass work to reclaim healing for as long as I have, you learn what really matters, what deserves energy and attention, and you’ve allowed your heart, soul, and mind to be softened to be kinder and more gentle. Plus, rewiring your nervous system from trauma is worth the learning and something I will do everything to hold on to and protect.

And finally, it isn’t about me and, as always, grace and trust. I’ve got lots of grace…for myself and for others. I’d love to meet my community, sign a bunch of books, and offer any support I can. I also know people are suffering and overwhelmed, and stuff comes up. Or they just forget. A low turnout isn’t all about me.  Plus, I trust it will be exactly as it is supposed to be and be good, really good.

So grace.

Perhaps, you needed a courage teach on expectations too today.

To stop going to an empty well looking for water. 

It doesn’t mean we stop going to the well.

It means we go to the well for the sunshine and the flowers, without the expectations for water. 

Because then, one day, if there is water, we won’t be so dang resentful that we can’t receive it to our thirsty souls.

So, if you’re in the St. Louis area and want to stop by tomorrow night and support a couple of authors, we would love to see you. 

Link to more info https://fb.me/e/1tlEW1B15


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