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We come for the one

“The material was redundant. This course could have been done in 45 minutes.”

“This was probably the best keynote speaker I’ve ever experienced.”

Same event.
Two very different opinions.

Feedback helps us learn, grow, and change.
Without it, especially the ability to receive it well, we’d be pretty stuck.


Not everyone gets to speak into our lives.
Not all feedback needs to be picked up and held close to our hearts.
Still, there may be nuggets in it that we need to pick up, take to our people who are our truth and value reflectors in our lives, and ask, is this true?

Even more than that, the minute we try to perform, appease, please, and hustle for everyone’s approval is the second we abandon ourselves.

Which means we won’t be able to serve and love well.

So we show up wholeheartedly as our full selves.
And we come for the one.
The one is more than enough.


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